Review: Reign of Shadows duology

Reign of Shadows duology by Sophie Jordan

If I should pick a book I read because of the cover it was Reign of Shadows. It is gorgeous and I couldn’t resist it. I wish I can say the same thing about its contents though…

Not saying I did not enjoy it as it is somewhat different from the other YA fantasy series I read in the past year or so… but it could have been better written.

But before I get into what I liked and what I did not like about this duology, let’s see what it is about.

The book is the in a medieval-inspired kingdom, Relhok, where 17 years ago an eclipse brought complete darkness to the world. The evil chancellor uses the chaos ensued by eclipse to kill the king and queen and takes the throne. This is the backstory. In these books, we follow Luna, the long-lost princess of Relhok who lives in a tower in the middle of the woods. As the rightful heir of the kingdom she is hunted thus she must live hidden and in anonymity. One day, while she is out hunting in the woods she meets Fowler and Luna’s life changes completely… She has to leave her safe life behind and plunge into the darkness.

So as you might guess, this is a Rapunzel retelling and even though I have nothing against retellings I just wasn’t amazed by the book. I enjoyed it but as soon as a put it down I forgot completely about it. Which is why it took me about a year to pick the next book up, Rise of Fire. I was happy to find out that the series won’t continue though. Things got wrapped up pretty neatly in the second book and stretching the plot to write a trilogy would have been pointless.

I would not recommend reading the second, unless, like me, you don’t like loose ends and are not too irritated by bad books.

If I should describe my feelings on this duology then on a spectrum from ‘loved it’ to ‘hated it’ I would lie somewhere in the middle, which for me is the worse place to be. If I can’t love a book then I would rather hate it than not feel anything.

But this is just too forgettable.

Too bland.

Too many typical fairy tale elements.

Too trophy.

Too romance-y.

Too boring.

There was nothing in there to spark my imagination. I have learned nothing. I did increase my book count for the year and that is it.

Did I waste my time? Probably!

Do I want to spend more time reviewing this book? No, I just can’t be bothered! Do not recommend it!

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