Review: A Court of Mist and Fury

I devoured ACOTAR and never thought ACOMAF can top that but it did. In my world, so far, sequels are a bit less interesting, repetitive and slow. By the time I read the third and fourth book in a series I wonder why I ever continued after the first one. If you say, Amalia, you have read all the wrong ones, I will probably nod and ask for a recommendation. There are probably tons of great ones out there, I just haven’t found them yet. So please, enlighten me! I welcome all recommendations.

So, as I mentioned, I never thought that ACOMAF will be better than ACOTAR, despite all evidence of the contrary… that is the Rhysand craze I was a witness to on Instagram. I simply refused to believe that the whole world abandoned the Tamlin team. And if they did then I will be the one rooting for him until the end.

Isn’t rooting for the bad boy a cliché, isn’t it?

It is! But Sarah J. Maas did it! In the beginning I was outraged, as a true Tamlin supporter should be. As the story continued it all kind of made sense and suddenly, without even noticing, I was on the Rhysand team. And you will be too. Feyre has outgrown the Spring Court and with it she has outgrown its High Lord.

What I love about it?

  • There are a lot of new characters introduced and I am looking forward to their stories in the upcoming book
  • The story is interesting and fast paced. I read this in three sittings! I just couldn’t put it down.
  • Feyre grows as a character and it is interesting to see how she develops now that she is reborn as a fey
  • The ending makes me definitely stand in queue for the next book as soon as it hits the shelves.
  • The relationship between Feyre and Rhysand. They are so right for each other. I don’t want to be all gushy but you will swoon and swoon and then swoon some more.

This is possibly my favorite YA book of 2016. So if you want an easy, fast paced read this is the one for you, combining romance and action to perfection.

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