Jane Austen Book Haul

Library Haul: Jane Austen

August 29, 2017 Amalia 0

I am passing through what I call a ‘Pride and Prejudice phase’ during which I binge watch the BBC adaptations of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, the mini-series of 1995, and Persuasion, the film from 2007. If I’m really in […]

books bought in Berlin May 2017

Book Haul May 2017

May 28, 2017 Amalia 0

2017 is the year in which according to my new years’ resolutions I can buy no more than 24 books, aka 2 books/month. I found this quite reasonable at the beginning of the year… along with many other things… It […]

Partial January Book Haul

January 2017 Book Haul

February 2, 2017 Amalia 0

You know how it is when you make your New Year plans, stick to them for a couple of months and then they’re just water down the drain? Well guess what, it’s the beginning of February and I already failed […]