Book Haul May 2017

books bought in Berlin May 2017
Berlin Bookhaul May 2017
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2017 is the year in which according to my new years’ resolutions I can buy no more than 24 books, aka 2 books/month. I found this quite reasonable at the beginning of the year… along with many other things… It is doable? Surely! Am I sticking to it? Not that much… Let’s see what the status is. It is nearly the end of May and according to my goal, I’m supposed to have 10 new books so far.  I have 20 new books, the last one bought yesterday, it is used, but it still counts. 4 books to go….and not even halfway through this year.

I have to admit failure, but I will still push myself to not buy many more.

The last big book haul I documented was in January. Now being May I think I did pretty well, and the reason behind this bigger book haul is a recent trip to Berlin. To my defense, I have not bought anything else while there, apart from books, so there you go… That is something, for me at least. I usually go clothes shopping while on holiday. Here is what I’ve bought.

  1. A Woman in Berlin by Anonymus
  2. Eva Braun by Heike B. Görtemaker – these first two I bought because recently I have seen some documentaries and read some books about WW2, among which The Nightingale by Kirsten Hannah, and I decided I wanted to have some non-fiction books about the subject. Plus both of these are of and about women/a woman and recently I’ve been getting into reading about feminism. Even though these two don’t classify as feminist reads, they are about women, so I went for them.
  3. The Fishermen by Chigozie Obioma – I’ve been meaning to read more books by African authors since I read Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie last month and this was also indecently cheap… I could not pass it by.
  4. Here I Am by Jonthan Safran Foer – I’ve been eyeing this book since it came out, and I finally caved. It was a small paperback edition and not that expensive. Now I have not one but two books by Jonathan Safran Foer that I haven’t read.
  5. Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse – now, this and the next one are the jokers of this haul. This one as far as I can tell this is a book about one man’s journey to enlightenment. Right up my alley. Plus it is also something different from what I normally go for and I do aim to read more diversely.
  6. Smoke by Dan Vyleta – I picked this up in small independent bookshop, the ones we need to support, and I have no idea what it is about. All I know is that it is a historical fiction with paranormal elements in it. The world in it seems quite unique as its inhabitants release smoke when sinning. I am intrigued!
  7. Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari – I picked this up in the same independent bookshop (I can’t remember its name but I’ll insert it here when I find it) simply because I have read Homo Sapiens and I loved it, plus this is a paperback so it matches my copy of Sapiens. Can’t wait to see how the author imagines our future. I’m quite sure not all of it will be sunshine and roses.

Plus, I have purchased a used copy of Atonement by Ian McEwan. So a total of 8 books.

I’m excited to read these, but now I have to stop purchasing books for quite a while and focus on reading the ones I have (:the struggle is real:).

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