January 2017 Book Haul

Partial January Book Haul

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You know how it is when you make your New Year plans, stick to them for a couple of months and then they’re just water down the drain? Well guess what, it’s the beginning of February and I already failed (:shocked face:). In January I told myself I’m not going to buy so many new books this year. Instead I will focus to read my own books. In 2016, from June to December I bought 43 books and only read about 8 of them. This is without considering all the other unread books I own. So I said I will only buy a maximum of two books per month.

This is where I failed. Should I blame myself or the sales? I can’t pick one so I’ll split the share of the blame equally. I won’t say I was weak, because buying three books for the price of one is not weakness, it’s a great opportunity and only a fool ignores it. And I am no fool.

Let’s say a big big hurray to all who took advantage of similar opportunities in the month of January. I salute you!

Who can leave empty handed from a bookstore when they have sales? Not me! #bookhaul ?

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Here are the books I’ve bought:

  1. Zadie Smith, ‘White Teeth’ (I heard so much praise for Zadie Smith’s work that I had to buy one of her books)
  2. Don DeLillo, ‘Americana’
  3. Jane Austen, ‘Pride and Prejudice’ (despite this being one of my favorite books, I did not own a copy of it, so it had to be rectified as soon as I saw it)
  4. Truman Capote, ‘In Cold Blood’
  5. Nelson Mandela, ‘Long Walk to Freedom’
  6. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, ‘Infidel’
  7. Mikhail Bulgakov, ‘The Master and Margarita’ (2017 is the 100 year anniversary of the Russian revolution. Can’t wait to purchase some newly released Russian classics from Vintage. But until then I have this novel to mark the anniversary)
  8. Angela Carter, ‘Nights at the Circus’
  9. Richard Yates, ‘Revolutionary Road’

9 books in total in this haul and as I already mentioned, generally I would only buy 3 books for the same amount of money, even less. Books are not cheap here, by the way (I live in Denmark).

So all in all these 9 books I can go away with buying without any guilt. The problem is I did not stop here. In December I started the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Mass, read the first two books (‘Throne of Glass’ and ‘Crown of Midnight’) and got so hooked that I needed to buy the next three. For two of these I had a gift card so technically I only paid for one. Now I own all 5 and can binge read the rest and then wait in agony until the last book’s release in 2018 (?) (:in the depths of despair:). So I also purchased:

  1. ‘Heir of Fire’
  2. ‘Queen of Shadows’ and
  3. ‘Empire of Storms’

So my conclusion is: I only bought 4 books this January, meaning that I’ve spent only two months’ worth of book buying allowance (:smug face:).

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